Solar4All Campaign

InfographicBanners_1200x630_SanFranBackground: Solar4All is a grassroots advocacy campaign (built in collaboration by Greenpeace Canada, CCAN and AGEN) designed to build public support for community and individually owned solar energy projects, to further along legislative policy action. They believe that every Albertan who wants to access solar energy should be able to do so at an affordable price.

The Design Problem/Opportunity: Greenpeace has a brand of “creative confrontation” – solar is generally viewed as friendly, and there’s something inherently fun about the sun, particularly for a campaign launching in the summer.

The Solution: We decided to literally confront Albertans with the power of solar, by building all of our print material using a reflective metallic foil. At every outdoor event, viewers would literally be confronted by the blinding power of solar. Our online material aims to educate by highlighting the benefits of community solar, and mobilize Albertans to support solar and pressure government to enact policy supporting community solar.

We created posters, postcards, pamphlets and a series of 10 infographics to be used across social media.

Do you want to support community solar? Sign the petition at!

Infographics & design: Sarah Jackson