Visualizing the MDes Process

Background: The purpose of this project was to visualize a complex process using visual information design. In a nutshell, visual information design is the presentation of complex information (instructions, processes, events) in a way that makes it easier to understand. As Wikipedia says, “Information design is explanation design. It explains facts … and leads to knowledge and informed action”.

My topic: The topic I chose was (admittedly) rather navel-gazing. My question: What is the process for completing a thesis-based Master of Design in ID (Industrial Design) or VCD (Visual Communication Design) at the University of Alberta, from entry into the program through to completion?

The designed artifact: An 18 x 24″ double-sided broadsheet poster. The front of the poster shows a visual information map of the program; the backside provides more detailed descriptions and tips for each step.

Design: Sarah Jackson

MDesProcess-Poster-18x24 MDesProcess-Poster-18x242